Our Approach

Risk Assessment

We start by getting a complete understanding the issues that impact your approach to internal testing and contact tracing. We’ll look at the number of physical locations, employees in each location, an employee survey to understand their individual concerns, and the business impact of an infection.

Regular Testing of Employees

We develop a regular cadence for on-site antibody screening using a rapid test cassette with oversight by our CLIA-certified lab, AMSYS Diagnostics. Results are available in 5-10 minutes, and identify both current and past infections. We also provide ad hoc antigen (PCR) testing via our lab, with results in 24-48 hours.

Contact Tracing

Our contact tracing platform makes it easy for employees to track their physical encounters in the workplace with automatic logging, and simple to track their external encounters with manual logging. We have simple health assessments that employees can complete before entering the workplace. And our rules-based administrative dashboard can automatically notify managers, HR, or executives if an infection is possible or discovered.

Communications Planning

We’ll work with your team to develop a comprehensive communications strategy to help ensure your employees participate in your risk management program. And we’ll help ensure that if an outbreak does occur, everyone knows what to communicate when, how and to whom.